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Sarah Pearl Clark, Certified Esthetician and Skin Care Therapist, proudly uses Eminence Organics.

My philosophy: I believe in organic skin care. Skin is the largest organ of our bodies and is very permeable. Taking care of it contributes to our overall health. Being exposed to environmental toxins and synthetics are inevitable, so being proactive with our skin is a great way to promote holistic health (which includes emotional, physical, and spiritual well being). Looking at the ingredients of every single thing we put in or on our bodies can be an impossible task, but my philosophy is to choose organics whenever possible, recognizing that we do the best that we can.

Sarah also volunteers at DRESS FOR SUCCESS as an image consultant.

3 Reasons to get a facial

  1. Health: Probably the number one reason to get a facial is to take care of your skin. Getting a facial can help prevent signs of aging and certain skin cancers. Repairing the skin is one way to have it look as young, fresh and healthy as possible. Ideally, everyone should have a good skin care regimen starting as teens or young adults, but there’s always a chance to change your skin care goals. A basic good skin care regimen for everyone consists of a non-stripping cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer and a daily sunscreen. In addition, it’s great to add an exfoliant, a mask and an antioxidant serum to achieve even better results.
  2. Relaxation: An hour away from the pressures of daily life can be a blissful escape for all of us. The health benefits of relaxation can hardly be overstated, and the calm of a facial can provide an hour’s worth of vacation in an otherwise stressful day. During the facial, clients receive therapeutic massage on their neck, shoulders, scalp, hands and arms, and sometimes the feet are included as well.
  3. Confidence: No one can deny that when we take care of ourselves, we tend to feel better about our appearance. Getting a facial can encourage this new confidence that can flow into every aspect of our lives. I believe that when we feel better we can accomplish more.

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