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The Custom Pearlescent Facial $85 60 min.

Feed what your skin is craving! Our most popular facial includes:

  1. Seasonal Organic products are hand selected for your #1 Skin Concerns: (moisture content, oil and acne control, calming and evening the skin tone, reducing redness, collagen & elastin boosting, smoothing fine lines around eyes and lips)
  2. You will receive a refreshing cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, an optional paprika stimulating mask, extractions (if needed), seasonal masques, antioxidant serum, moisturizer and SPF. Massage also included throughout.
Mini Custom Facial $50 30 min.

In a rush? Choose the mini facial for similar results in half the time!

  1. Includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, masque, serum and moisturizer.
  2. Light extractions and limited massage
  3. This facial is also great for teens.
Gentlemen's Facial $75 50 min.

Facial aren't just for ladies! This facial is similar to the Custom Facial, but with a man's skin in mind, including razor burn and sun damage. (A full beard may not have the best results, but a shorter beard or 5 o'clock shadow is acceptable)

  1. Exfoliating cleanser to assist with ingrown hairs
  2. Steaming and Masques
  3. Extractions (if needed)
  4. Neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage
  5. Light moisturizer and/or SPF
Biodynamic Facial $100 60 min.

Add Biodynamic products to your facial treatment for the best Eminence has to offer! Biodynamic refers to a farming process that is "Beyond Organic".

  1. Perfect for any skin type, especially anti-aging and sensitive skins- even Post-Cancer.
  2. Ingredients are hand-picked and produced in small batches, so each container of biodynamic product consists only of the finest and most potent fruits, vegetables and plants: Lemongrass, Melon, Apricot, and Radish.
  3. More potency means faster results.
  4. Includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), masques, serum, facial oil, moisturizer and SPF. Massage throughout.
Ultimate Facial $100 75 min.

Add 15 extra minutes to your Custom Facial, with your choice of an additional services

  1. longer massage
  2. more time with extractions
  3. upper arms/décolleté treatment
  4. Ultrasonic or LED treatment.
  5. anti-aging Eye or Lip treatment will also be included.


Ultrasonic Add on $20 10 min.

A painless (but stimulating) skin treatment

  1. a small hand-held machine is used for: Ultrasonic high frequency, Vibration and mild heating, facial cells vibrate and activate
  2. Assists with un-clogging pores & removing blackheads
  3. Removes dead skin cells
  4. Gradually lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation
LED & Photo-rejuvenation Add on $20 10 min.

A painless hand-held machine is used as light therapy to:
correct skin problems, plump the skin, boost collagen, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and treat sun damage. For the very best results, add on to every facial, monthly.

3 LED light colors are used to activate and energize the skin

  1. Red light stimulates fibroblasts and produces collagen
  2. Blue light kills bacteria and assists with acne control
  3. Green lighttargets melonocytes and lightens brown spots

Enzyme Peels

Not recommended for clients who use Retinol products, had recent facial laser treatments, or have sun burn. Safe for pregnancy, but always consult a physician. Must use SPF Daily after receiving a peel. Add peel treatments monthly or bi-monthly for best results!

Arctic Berry Peel $35 add-on $65/ 20 min.

Multi-acid 20% Peel (plant based)

  1. Deeply exfoliates, refines, and evens skin tone, assists with hyperpigmentation, reduces inflammation and redness, provides strong antioxidants and age defying benefits.
  2. The 3-step peel awakens the skin using a unique blend of Arctic berries, ligonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract,
  3. Especially great for clients looking for anti-aging results and/or have sensitive skin! Safe during spring and summer months, but always use caution with any sun exposure.
  4. In between professional peels, maintain results at home with the Arctic Berry Peel and Illuminating System ($130).
Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel $25 add-on $50/20 min

    20% Glycolic & Lactic peel, with a blend of Pineapple, Papaya, Yam and Pumpkin.

  1. Deeply exfoliate, boost collagen, infuse skin with vitamins and antioxidants, hydrate and plump, refine wrinkles and especially reduce hyperpigmentation.
  2. Recommended to do 4-5 peel treatments monthly, then take a break for a few months. (It may be wise to save the Yam & Pumpkin peel for Fall and Winter months unless you are very diligent with sun protection!)
  3. Maintain and increase your results in between treatments with the at-home Yam and Pumpkin 5% Enzyme System ($90).
Blueberry Detox Firming Peel $15 add-on to any facial

Naturally exfoliating and stimulating Alpha Hydroxy treatment, with Lactic Acid. OK for sun exposure.

  1. Refines and clarifies skin, minimizes and clears clogged pores, and detoxifies. Especially great for anti-aging and acne prone skin. This peel can be continued indefinitely and be used weekly.
  2. Please note that this treatment temporarily flushes the skin and it may be wise to not do the treatment if you are going directly to a business meeting, for example. Flushing naturally clears within an hour or so and is safe! Leaves your skin glowing!


Backcial Treatment $75 50 min.

You never knew your back could be so soft! All of the steps of the Custom Facial, applied to the back:

  1. Thorough cleanse
  2. Exfoliation including a dry brushing extractions (if needed)
  3. Masque
  4. a relaxing massage
  5. a final moisturizer
  6. extractions (if needed)
  7. Add-on mini Backcial to any facial - $40/ 25 min.
Full Body Sugar Scrub/Wrap $60 30 min.

Your whole body needs exfoliation too!

  1. A seasonal sugar scrub, enzyme masque and optional wrapping masque will be applied to each limb.
  2. Client is wrapped in a plastic sheet and blanket to firm the skin, buff and polish. Removed by hand, unfortunately no shower!
  3. A final luxurious massage cream is applied for buttery soft skin
  4. Add a mini facial for $40/60min.


Pamper Me Treatment $175 90 min.

You want your whole body to be scrubbed, buffed, massaged and polished? Then this one's for you!

  1. Mini Facial with Arctic Berry Pro-Peel
  2. Mini Backcial- facial treatment for the back
  3. Mini Body scrub
  4. Lash tint or brow wax
  5. Organic mineral cosmetic touch-up



Brow or Lash tint $15 each 5-10 min.
  1. Natural vegetable dye is applied to lashes or brows for temporary color: Deep black, blue-black, auburn or charcoal
  2. Lasts approximately 1-2 months

Brow/Lip/Chin Wax $15 each 5-10 min.
Hard wax is used to gently remove hair. Includes a soothing serum.
Organic Mineral Cosmetic Touch-up $15 5-10 min.

Finish up your treatment with a light mineral cosmetic application. Esthetician will apply:

  1. A natural tinted moisturizer, to even the skin tone (with SPF 25)
  2. A lighter or darker antioxidant mineral foundation powder
  3. An illuminator and/or bronzer
  4. And your choice of 3 organic lip glosses for a polished look!